Services Included in each Work Stage

Inception and Routing Layout

  • Discussion of Clients Requirements Timescale and budgets
  • Visit Site to carry out Initial Appraisal and Feasibility Study
  • Prepare outline timetable and Cost Estimate if Required
  • Produce Final Routing Layout

Scheme Design

  • Prepare Drawings Showing all Course features in detail
  • Produce Final Scheme Design For Approval
  • Prepare Amended Levels Version of Scheme Design
  • Prepare and Negotiate for Planning Permission

Working Drawings

  • Produce Detailed Working Drawings Based on Scheme Design
  • Amended Levels
  • Cultivated areas
  • Seeded areas
  • Drainage Layout
  • Irrigation Layout
  • Setting out
  • Services Positions
  • Plans and Sections of all Green and Tee areas
  • Details of Course Construction
  • Other Construction Details ( paths,Bridges etc )

Specification, Bills of Quantities and Tender Action

  • Prepare Specifications
  • Prepare Information of Bills of Quantities
  • Advise on and Obtain Clients Approval to Tender List
  • Produce Tender Report and Advise on Tenders Received

Supervision Phase and Completion

  • Personally Supervise Construction Throughout Contract
  • Prepare Construction Contract and Arrange for Signing
  • Make Regular Site Visits as Necessary in agreement with Contractor and Client
  • Issue Monthly Interim Certificates on Valuation of Work
  • Take Minutes of the Monthly Contractual Meetings
  • Issue Final Account and Final Certificate for Construction Works
  • Offer Advice on the Growing in Period if Required